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Unearthing Sydney’s Iconic Beach Culture

Shark attacks and sewage slicks, lifesavers and surfers, amusement parks and beach camps – the beach is Sydney’s most iconic landscape feature.

Sydney’s coastline teems with life from Palm Beach in the north to Cronulla in the south. People around the city escape to the beaches to swim, surf, play and lie in the sun. Sydney beaches tell how Sydneysiders developed their love of the beach, from 19th-century picnickers to the surfing and sun-baking pioneers a century later.

But Sydney’s beaches have another history that is lesser known and more intriguing. Our world-famous beach culture only exists because the first beachgoers demanded important rights. This book is also the story of these battles for the beach. Accompanied by vibrant images of Sydney’s surf, sand and sun worship, this expansive and delightful book tells how a city developed a relationship with its ocean coast and how a nation created a culture.


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