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Discovering the Hidden Stories of Whittington

This Whittington – several nationwide and two in Staffordshire – lies approximately 3 miles southeast of Lichfield in Staffordshire. It was not included in the Domesday Book but was mentioned in a Tenure Roll, dating from about 1255, when the Bishop of Chester held it as part of the manor of Longdon.

Whittington & District History Society is very young; it was born following the village’s Millennium Exhibition and was formally founded in April 2002. Its mission is to share and enjoy the history of Whittington, and this website is intended as one of the principal methods of sharing the results of Members’ research, which to date has concentrated on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, taking advantage of living memory.

The Society’s first – and only – printed publication is a small illustrated booklet entitled “A Walk through the History of Whittington”. It is available from the village Post Office and James Redshaw’s bookshop in Lichfield.


First and foremost, the History Society is indebted to the long-term residents of Whittington, who have willingly shared memories – sometimes stretching back generations – and looked out photographs. The website has been designed and written by the Society’s Archivist, Sue Cooke, and substantially enhanced by Phil Wood’s research. In some instances, the charming line drawings, originally produced by Brian Timmis for the printed booklet, have been used to illustrate a building for which we have no old photograph. Others have been involved to a greater or lesser extent; thank you to all involved.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, it is offered without any warranty.

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