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This Day in History: July 11th Uncovered

Join us on a captivating journey through time, exploring this day in history – July 11th. We have meticulously chosen thirteen historical events that have significantly impacted the world.

A Peek into Antiquity

472 AD, Western Roman Emperor Anthemius is Captured: Anthemius was captured and executed, paving the way for Olybrius to become Emperor.

Wikipedia: Anthemius

1302, Battle of the Golden Spurs: The Flemish infantry defeated the French cavalry, signaling the effectiveness of foot soldiers against horsemen.

Wikipedia: Battle of the Golden Spurs

1405, Chinese Explorer Zheng He Sets Sail: Beginning his first voyage, Zheng He embarked on an exploration that would greatly expand China’s maritime and trade knowledge.

Wikipedia: Zheng He

Markers in Time

1798, The United States Marine Corps was Re-established: This was an important event in US military history, marking the revival of this iconic fighting force.

Naval History and Heritage Command: Reestablishment of the Marine Corps

1804, US Vice President Aaron Burr Kills Alexander Hamilton: The deadly duel highlighted the political discord of the era.

Britannica: Burr-Hamilton Duel

Advancements & Revelations

1893, Kokichi Mikimoto Cultivates the First Pearl: This marked a significant advancement in the jewelry industry, revolutionizing the pearl market.

Borsheims: History of Mikimoto Cultured Pearls

1922, The Hollywood Bowl Opens: The opening of this iconic venue marked a significant event in the history of music and performance.

Wikipedia: Hollywood Bowl

Modern Milestones

1987, The World Population Hits Five Billion: This marked a significant milestone in global demographics, emphasizing the challenges of population growth.

Wikipedia: World Population Milestones


This day in history, July 11th, is rich with diverse historical events, ranging from the days of the Roman Empire to our modern era. Understanding these events deepens our perspective on humanity’s shared journey.

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