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The Valiant Encounter Specialist: Mohan Chand Sharma

Mohan Chand Sharma was considered the brave encounter specialist who shed his life for the motherland by fighting against the Indian Islamic terrorists. He had spent his life fighting against terrorism. This bold man accepted the bullet medal in his chest as an act of courage and gave his life by protecting the public. He always had been a top performer in his service. He strove very hard throughout his service to bring justice to the people by arresting criminals in many cases. He was the true man who boldly faced the terrorists face to face and dedicated his life to the entire people of the nation.

Service for the Nation

Mohan Chand Sharma was born on 23 September 1965 in his native Chaukhutia Masi. He served for about 19 years as an Inspector in Delhi Police. He started his career in 1989 as a sub-inspector in the Delhi Police. Being a part of the Delhi police special cell, he had played a significant role in arresting 80 terrorists and killed 35 terrorists of Khalistani who were rooted inside Delhi and had arrested more than 40 gangsters and killed around 129 gangsters outside Delhi. He was one of the handpicked officers by ACP. Ranbir Singh for his special force team. He worked selflessly for the nation and the incident which proves this can be described as once his son was in a critical situation and was admitted to hospital for dengue fever and required a rare O+ blood. Mohan Chand admitted his son to the hospital and rushed to the spot where he got a good lead to arrest a group of terrorists to stop the bombings. He always made the Delhi police proud through his actions and dedication at work. He and his team were well-known for their rescue operations in the parliament attack, the red fort attack and the Diwali blast cases in 2005.

The Gun Battle

On 19 September 2008, Mohan Chand Sharma learned that the 2008 Delhi bomb blast terrorists were hiding at Jamia Nagar apartments. He led the Operations of Batla House, and the operations killed two terrorists; two were arrested, and one escaped. During this battle, the brave officer Mohan Chand Sharma was also fired, in which three bullets entered his body, leaving him bleeding. He was taken to hospital with bleeding, but unfortunately, he died due to a huge loss of blood after eight hours of pathetic struggle for life.

Brave Son of Mother India

Mohan Chand Sharma, the brave son’s death was a heavy loss to the Delhi police. He was honored for his bravery with the award of Ashoka Chakra. He was the only man who had received more than 150 awards in his police career, including the Police Gold Medal on Republic Day handed over to him by the president of India. His dedication to working for his nation makes everyone shed tears and feel guilty for his loss of life. He has always been a brave man and has performed many courage’s acts, proving he is a true martyr.

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