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Parvin Tulpule: Transforming Lives with Laughter and Magic

The only mission of this man is to bring smiles to those innocent lives suffering at a very tender age. Many years ago, the suffering of a child always made him sad, and he thought of doing something to make them smile for a while, but he couldn’t think of doing something like that. Then one day, he dressed up as a clown and went straight to the pediatric department and started doing all the attire of a clown, and he saw that the children of the ward burst out in laughter; seeing them laughing so hard, he realized that his mission is fulfilled and then onwards there is no looking back and still now he is immensely attached to his job of dressing up like a clown and making those children smile.

Is the name of this great soul who felt the suffering of those ailing children and gave them a few minutes of immense pleasure and joy. Children adorably call him Pintoo, their clown magician who shows them magic and shares jokes, which makes them laugh. The doctors believe that whenever Parvin comes and makes the children happy, an abrupt change occurs in their health.

His Life and Background

ParvinTulpule, aka Pintoo, served our nation as the Lt. Commander Communications Specialists in the Indian Navy for 17 years. But now he is busy planning different planning, tactics and strategy of a clown and a successful magician. Magic was his first love, and clowning came later. In the year 1973-1974, Parvin got a set of three card tricks, and by that, he slowly made some props at home, practiced magic with them, and certainly developed various kinds of magic tricks. He read many magic books to sharpen his magic skills, then performed his first magic show in front of his family members. After that, with the help of his youngest cousin, he performed his first paid show at home by dressing up in his father’s gown. He staged the show by charging 25 paise each from each of the children of his family who came to watch his performance. The show was successful, and he got recognition as a good magician. From then onwards, Parvin got confidence regarding his magic skills, and there was no stopping until then after he advanced in his age. During his college days, his talent as a magician became popular among his friend circle, and he became quite famous as a magician in his college. During his journey in the naval army, also he earned a lot of reputation as a magician.

Parvin was known for his magician skills and attire of a fool and for making people laugh at his jokes. In the year 1995, he joined the Society of Indian Magicians in Mumbai and got in touch with different kinds of people who were busy practicing and memorizing different tactics of magic and showcasing them in front of many people. In every step he took there, he learned something or the other from the different talented magicians present there, and slowly and steadily, he improved his magical skills and became a better magician by interacting with the different people working there. He tried magical skills with different kinds of living and non-living things, such as magic with animals, birds and other props like doves, swords etc.; this way, Parveen became a very skilled magician.

In India, dozens of conferences are held each year regarding magic, attended by many magicians worldwide and sharpen their craft of magic. He has the amazing skill of impressing audiences through his magical skills and mind-blowing attire, presenting them once he is on stage. It is confirmed that each and every audience laughed their heart out till the last minute of his performance.

His Work Towards the Ailing Children

ParvinTulmule, by showing his magic tricks, makes those innocent children roll in laughter, and they are filled with too much happiness. His funny clown faces itself with the attire of a clown makes the children happy. Being an ex-naval officer of the Indian Navy went to several pediatric wards filled with remorse and sad faces of those innocent children suffering from life-threatening diseases. When he goes inside the ward of children suffering from the most dangerous disease called cancer. Seeing a lovely clown entering their room, the poor children suffering from the deadly disease of cancer started to laugh, bringing a smile of satisfaction to their faces of Parvin himself. He sometimes becomes unable to control his tears by seeing those children while doing the various tricks and making them laugh and leaving them amazed with his skill, and thus he creates a different moment and gifts them a day filled with laughter and happiness through their favorite Pintoo, the clown.

Parveen, aka Pintoo’s, only aim is to make people smile, and all he needs is a smiling face for every people, especially those children who are going through a lot of pain. His magic tricks are created in such a way that will give immense laughter to the people so that they can come out of their regular suffering for some time. On the one hand, he is showing the card tricks; on the other hand, he is helping a child overcome his sorrow and pain and making a helpless child happy for a few minutes. A small child is present in himself, so once he is present among the children, he also becomes one of them, making him more lovable to the children. And that is why nowadays, doctors from reputed hospitals are frequently calling him to visit their hospital to spend some time with the young age patient present in their hospital, and here lies his success, and yes, he is successful in his mission of giving happiness to those bedridden children.

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