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Remembering Lt. Col. Niranjan Kumar, NSG’s Valiant Hero

They will rise from the dead and answer when duty shall call them. Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar of the National Security Guard (NSG) was the lead member of the bomb disposal squad instructed to mop up operations in Pathankot.

In the wake of the terrorist attack at the Pathankot airbase, the National Security Guards were called to comb the operations and neutralize the terrorists. Lt. Col. Niranjan, a senior officer of the bomb disposal squad, was killed on the morning of January 3rd, 2016 while defusing a grenade at the scene of a terrorist assault at the Pathankot airbase. Lt. Col. Niranjan was trying to retrieve a grenade from the body of a dead terrorist, which accidentally exploded, claiming his life and the lives of three other defense personnel.

The grenade that was lodged into the body of a terrorist went off while Lt. Col. Niranjan was trying to defuse it. After further investigations, it was found to be an Improvised Explosive Device that accidentally exploded during the mopping-up operations.

Lt. Col. Niranjan was born in Bengaluru and lived there with his family. His family roots can be traced back to their native village in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Niranjan was commissioned into the Engineers Regiment of the Army in 2004. He later joined the National Security Guard (NSG) as a member of the bomb disposal squad. Lt. Col. Niranjan moved to Delhi three years ago to serve the duties of an NSG commando.

Lt. Col. Niranjan’s indomitable courage and bravery are commendable and deserve a big salute. The family of Niranjan is proud of his courage. His proud father said that when he had called his brave son, Niranjan replied that he was engaged in an operation and would call him back as soon as possible. Lt. Col. Niranjan’s sister said her brother is like Arjuna and is proud of the valiant display of her brother’s courage. The brave statements given by the family of Lt. Col. Niranjan teach us a valuable lesson in our life.

The grenade blast took away Lt. Col. Niranjan on the spot, and three other security men succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. His supreme heroism shall be remembered across our nation for several days. An inspiration to all the NSG commandos, Lt. Col. Niranjan, shall surely etch his name in the Hall of Fame of the National Security Guards. The grit and courage with which he detonated the other bombs before falling to a grenade was an act of fearlessness and dauntless spirit.

The 35-year-old martyr, Lt. Col. Niranjan, is survived by his wife and two-year-old daughter. An expert on explosives, he was a brave soldier who sacrificed his life for his country. The nation shall remember the supreme sacrifice of this NSG commando with the utmost respect. The wholeheartedness, dedication and professionalism he served the nation with shall inspire and motivate our countrymen, especially the National Security Guards, in the coming years. Lt. Col. Niranjan left for the heavenly abode on Sunday, 3rd of January 2016, to guard his mother, Mother India.

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