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Naik Jadu Nath Singh: A Beacon of Bravery and Sacrifice

Does the name Jadu Nath Singh ring a bell?

If the answer is no, you are not alone. There are so many of us who are not aware of this Param Vir Chakra awardee. Sad but true. Tell us about the great hero of Indian soil and keep him in our memories forever.

In 1947, Pakistani raiders were in an advantageous position in the Naushahra sector when they captured Jhangar on 24 December. They were now in complete command of the communication lines from Mirpur to Poonch, enabling them to build up their forces for an attack on Naushahra.

The Army was very much alive to this threat, and in January 1948, they conducted operations to prevent the enemy build-up in the area. The captured Kot village (Northwest of Naushahra).
The Indian Army knew that an attack on Naushahra was imminent and, under the leadership of Brigadier Usman of the 50 Para Brigade, made adequate preparations. They established strong pickets wherever they thought the enemy would approach from.

On the foggy morning of 6 February, the Pakistani raiders attacked by opening fire from their pickets on the Tain Dhar ridge on an Indian patrol. Meanwhile, under darkness’s cover, the enemy crept up to the Indian pickets.

Naik Jadu Nath Singh commanded a forward post of picket No.2 at Taindhar with just 9 men. The enemy launched their attack in successive waves to capture this post. At this juncture, Naik Jadu nath Singh displayed great valor & superb leadership and used his small force so that the enemy retreated in utter confusion. When four men were wounded, he reorganized the battered force to meet another onslaught. The post kept going despite its being outnumbered.

When all men, including him, were wounded, he took over the Bren gun from the wounded Bren gunner. The enemy was now right on the walls of the post. Naik Jadunath Singh, unmindful of personal safety, encouraged his men to fight. His fire was so devastating that what looked like a certain defeat was turned into a victory. Thus the post was saved a second time.

By now, all men of the post had turned into casualties. The enemy made his third and final attack, determined to capture the post. Naik Jadunath Singh, wounded and alone, rose to give a battle for the third time. He came out of the Sangar and, firing his stun gun, charged at the advancing enemy. The surprised enemy fled in disorder. In this third and last charge, he met a gallant death when two enemy bullets pierced him in the head and chest. At a critical stage in the battle for the defense of Naushahra, he saved his picket from being overrun by the enemy.
For this ultimate act of personal sacrifice for the nation’s sake, Naik Jadu Nath Singh was decorated with the nation’s highest award of gallantry, the Param Vir Chakra.


At No.2picquet on Tain Dhar on 6 February 1948, Naik Jadunath Singh commanded a forward sections post, which bore the full brunt of the enemy attack. This little post was garrisoned by nine men against overwhelming odds. The enemy launched his attack in successive waves and with great ferocity to overcome this post. The first wave swept up to the post in a ferocious attack. Displaying great valor and superb leadership qualities, Naik Jadunath Singh used the small force at his disposal that the enemy retired in utter confusion.

Four of his men were wounded, but Naik Jadunath Singh again showed good leadership qualities by reorganizing the battered force under him to meet another onslaught. His coolness and courage were of such an order that the men rallied and were ready for the second attack, which came with greater determination, and in larger numbers than the preceding one. Though hopelessly outnumbered, this post, under the gallant leadership of Naik Jadunath Singh, resisted. All were wounded, and nNaik Jadunath Singh, though wounded in the right arm, took over the Bren gun from the wounded gunner. The enemy was right on the wall on the post, but Naik Jadunath Singh once again showed outstanding ability and valor of the highest order in action. Through his complete disregard for his safety and example of coolness and courage, he encouraged his men to fight. His fire was so devastating that what looked like he encouraged his men to fight. His fire was so devastating that what looked like impending defeat was turned into victory, and the enemy retired in chaos, leaving dead and wounded littered on the ground. With this act of supreme heroism, outstanding leadership, and determination, Naik Jadunath Singh saved the post from the second assault.

But this time, all men of the post were casualties. The enemy put in his third and final attack in undiminished numbers and was determined to capture this post. Naik Jadunath Singh, now wounded, prepared single-handed to give battle for the third time and with great courage and determination, he came out of the sangha and, firing his stun gun, made a most magnificent single-handed charge on the advancing enemy, who, completely taken by surprise, fled in disorder.

Naik Jadunath Singh, however, met his gallant death in his third and last charge by two bullets hitting him in the head and chest. Thus charging single-handed at the advancing enemy, this Non-Commissioned Officer performed the highest act of gallantry and supreme sacrifice and by so doing, he saved his section-nay, his whole picquet-from being over-run by the enemy at the most critical stage in the battle for the defense of Naushera.

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