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Corporal Gursewak Singh: A Heroic Tale of Selfless Bravery

With their dauntless spirit, they walk bravely in the arms of death, leaving behind memories and their heroic stories of protecting their motherland. A Garud Commando of the Indian Air Force, Corporal Gursewak Singh was one of the brave men of the IAF who was martyred in the more than 50 hours operation at the Pathankot airbase, which was attacked by terrorists on the 2nd of January, 2016.

Seeking inspiration from his icon Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Gursewak, as a young child, always wanted to serve his nation. After completing his graduation, Gursewak Singh joined the Indian Air Force as a Garud Commando in the year 2010. The Garud Commando Force is a specialized wing of the IAF entrusted with the security and defense of critical airbases and several other rescue operations. An academically strong Gursewak completed his graduation from a renowned college in Bengaluru. A dynamic Gursewak was an intelligent and bright warrior. He had cleared the exams of the Indian Air Force on his very first attempt. Gursewak was one of the few men who qualified for the IAF from his village.

The Garud Commando Force was tasked with killing and mobilizing the terrorists along with the National Security Guards in Pathankot. Unfortunately, Corporal Gursewak Singh was shot in the neck while coming down from the helicopter. As a result, Gursewak was killed on the spot. The bold display of utmost bravery by Corporal Gursewak Singh deserves a huge amount of respect.

Corporal Gursewak’s elder brother serves his duties as an Indian Army soldier. Garud Commando Gursewak Singh was posted in Adampur and had to rush to the Pathankot airbase to counter the terrorists who had attacked the Pathankot airbase. The Indian Air Force decided to drop their commandos at various spots to mobilize and attack the terrorists from different points. While Corporal Gursewak Singh was getting down from the helicopter using a rope, he was gunned down by a terrorist. Since Gursewak was shot in the neck, he could not be saved and was killed.

Commando Gursewak’s father is proud of his son’s valuable sacrifice for his country. A fearless Gursewak always wanted to die for his country. God has taken in his lap this brave son of India. The nation is proud of the martyrdom of Corporal Gursewak Singh. A courageous Gursewak has always been acknowledged with numerous acts of bravery. Corporal Gursewak is survived by his wife and parents living in Haryana. The irreparable loss for the Singh family, Gursewak has now left behind just memories for his newlywed wife to survive.

A young and brave commando of just 25 years, Gursewak was married 45 days before he was killed, protecting his motherland. India nation could never forget the supreme sacrifice of Corporal Gursewak Singh. He laid down his life, disregarding his security. Gursewak inspires many of the country’s youth who want to join the Indian Air Force and serve the country. India shall keep producing brave youths like Gursewak in the future.

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