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A Guide to Easy History Topics for Enthusiastic History Students

History is captivating, filled with stories of human endeavor, triumph, and tragedy. It’s a field that explores the essence of humanity and the events that have shaped our world today. However, choosing the right topic can often be challenging when writing a historical research paper. This article aims to ease that burden, offering a diverse range of easy history topics to write about. These topics are tailored to be accessible, engaging, and rich in resources for further exploration.

The Importance of Studying History

Before diving into the topics, let’s understand why history is valuable. History is not just a collection of dates and events; it’s a record of human experience. It teaches us how societies, cultures, and individuals have evolved. Studying history helps develop critical thinking skills, as it encourages students to question, analyze, and interpret past events and their impact on the present and future. Furthermore, researching and writing about history fosters skills like problem-solving, information literacy, and effective communication.

Selecting the Right Topic

A well-chosen topic can transform your history paper from a simple assignment into an intriguing journey. An ideal topic should interest you, has plenty of resources for research, and falls within the parameters of your assignment. With that in mind, here are a few easy history topics to write about.

Personalities in History

People make history. Their actions, decisions, triumphs, and failures have shaped the course of events. Writing about historical figures allows you to delve into their lives, examining their motivations, influences, and impacts. It’s a journey into the heart of the human experience, allowing you to understand what happened and why it happened.

Topic Examples:

  • The Life and Legacy of Cleopatra
  • Winston Churchill and World War II
  • The Impact of Martin Luther King Jr. on the civil rights movement
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in Indian Independence
  • Queen Victoria and the British Empire
  • Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
  • The Influence of Leonardo da Vinci on Renaissance Culture
  • Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years’ War
  • Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution
  • Nelson Mandela and Apartheid
  • The Contributions of Marie Curie to Science
  • The Role of Napoleon Bonaparte in European History
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery
  • The Influence of Socrates on Western Philosophy
  • Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power
  • Alexander the Great and his Conquests
  • The humanitarian work of Mother Teresa
  • The Political Life of Margaret Thatcher
  • The art and Influence of Vincent Van Gogh
  • The Philosophical Contributions of Confucius
  • Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
  • The Innovative Ideas of Thomas Edison
  • The Life and Works of William Shakespeare

Events That Shaped the World

Historical events are the milestones that define an era. They can shift the course of history and have long-lasting impacts on societies. Writing about such events allows you to explore their causes, understand their immediate effects, and assess their long-term implications.

Topic Examples:

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The Rwandan Genocide
  • The Signing of the Magna Carta
  • The French Revolution
  • The Discovery of America by Columbus
  • The Dropping of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • The Establishment of the United Nations
  • The Apollo 11 Moon Landing
  • The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the Destruction of Pompeii
  • The Holocaust During World War II
  • The Great Depression
  • The Crusades
  • The Roman Conquest of Britain
  • The invention of the Printing Press
  • The American Civil War
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic
  • The Signing of the Treaty of Versailles
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • The Protestant Reformation
  • The Fall of the Soviet Union

Cultures and Societies

Cultures and societies offer a wide expanse for historical research. Exploring different civilizations’ development, traditions, norms, and contributions gives us insights into human social behavior and societal evolution.

Topic Examples:

  • Ancient Greek Democracy
  • The Ming Dynasty
  • Native American Civilizations Before Columbus
  • The Role of Women in Victorian England
  • The Culture and Achievements of the Mayan Civilization
  • The Caste system in Ancient India
  • The Renaissance in Italy
  • Feudalism in Medieval Europe
  • The Maori Culture of New Zealand
  • The Enlightenment Period in Europe
  • The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire
  • The Social Structure of Ancient Egypt
  • The Samurai Culture in Feudal Japan
  • The Impact of the British Empire on India
  • The Aboriginal Culture of Australia
  • The Viking Age in Scandinavia
  • The Influence of the Roman Empire
  • The Cultural Revolution in China
  • The Rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula
  • The African Kingdoms of Mali, Songhai, and Ghana
  • The Civil Rights Movement in America
  • The Art and Architecture of the Byzantine Empire
  • The System of Apartheid in South Africa


Choosing the right topic can greatly enhance your experience writing a history paper. With these easy history topics to write about, you’re well-equipped to start your journey into the past, uncovering the stories that have shaped our world. Remember, history is not just about the past—it’s about understanding our present and envisioning our future.

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