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Unsung Heroes of the 2016 Pathankot Airbase Attack

They lead by example, love by their choice, and kill by their profession. While Indians were celebrating New Year, several families lost their young sons. In a pre-dawn attack on January 2, 2016, a group of heavily armed terrorists launched an attack on Pathankot’s airbase station, resulting in a ferocious gun battle where seven of our defense army personnel achieved martyrdom.

The Defense Security Corps was entrusted with the task of neutralizing and countering the terrorist before the arrival of the National Security Guards. The Defense Security Corps lost three brave soldiers, Sanjeevan Singh being one of them. Singh was killed on the first day of the attack. Sanjeevan Singh was present at the base where the assault was initially mounted. The martyr took five bullets in his chest when he was trying to eliminate and mobilize the terrorists. Unfortunately, he died on the spot. Sanjeevan Singh was the sole bread earner of his family and is survived by his wife, one son and two daughters. The supreme valor with which Singh fought has etched his name on the wall of fame of the Defense Security Corps.

With utmost bravery and courage, Sepoy Mohit Chand fought with the terrorists. Sepoy Mohit Chand was present at the airbase and died fighting the terrorists during the combing-up operations. Sepoy Mohit was a young and dynamic soldier. Since childhood, he wanted to serve as a soldier in the defense forces. Sepoy Mohit Chand was seriously wounded and succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. His grit and indomitable courage have just left behind memories for his family to remember.

Another personnel of the Defense Security Corp, Lance Naik Phoolwant Singh, died during the night when he succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. Lance Naik Phoolwant Singh was from the Gurudaspur district of Punjab. Trying to eliminate the terrorists, Phoolwant was shot with several bullets and was critically wounded. Finally, he succumbed to his injuries on January 3, 2016. His passion for serving the country ended up with his body wrapped in the tri-color. Phoolwant achieved his dream of death.

Our nation mourns the death of our soldiers and the terrorist attack in Pathankot. As citizens of this country, our foremost duty is to pay huge respect and tribute to the fallen heroes of the Pathankot airbase attack. Sepoy Mohit Chand and Lance Naik Phoolwant Singh shall always be remembered as heroes of their respective wings of the Defense Security Corps. The militants wanted to destroy the aircraft and other defense equipment but were neutralized by the DSC, NSG and the Garud Commandos of the Indian Air Force.

The Indian nation is extremely proud of the supreme sacrifices of the Indian soldiers. Sepoy Mohit Chand, Lance Naik Phoolwant Singh and Sepoy Sanjeevan Singh disregarded their security to protect their motherland from the terrorists. They left no stone unturned to fight till their last breath. Their valiant display of undeterred courage and bravery shall motivate several young guns of our nation to serve the country. The heroic acts of these soldiers have inspired all countrymen and instilled a sense of patriotism.

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