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This Day in History: Unraveling the Story of July 8th

Every day holds a wealth of historical treasures, shaping the fabric of our collective human journey. Today, on “this day in history” – July 8th, we bring to life thirteen remarkable events that have profoundly impacted our world.

Beginnings and Transformations

1099, Siege of Jerusalem: Crusaders began the siege of Jerusalem during the First Crusade, an event with far-reaching religious and geopolitical implications.

Wikipedia: Siege of Jerusalem (1099)

1497, Vasco da Gama Begins His First Voyage: This journey opened a direct sea route from Europe to Asia, reshaping global trade.

Wikipedia: Vasco da Gama

1709, Battle of Poltava: Peter, the Great’s decisive victory over Sweden, marked the Swedish Empire’s decline and Russia’s rise as a major European power.

Wikipedia: Battle of Poltava

Technological Milestones

1835, The Liberty Bell Cracks: This iconic symbol of American independence cracked during the funeral of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall.

History: Why is the Liberty Bell Cracked?

1889, Wall Street Journal First Published: This influential business newspaper has become an essential resource for financial professionals worldwide.

The Wall Street Journal: The First WSJ

Achievements in Space and Culture

2011, Final Space Shuttle Mission Launched: Atlantis lifted off for NASA’s final Space Shuttle mission, marking the end of an era in American spaceflight.

NASA: 10 Years Ago: STS-135, the Space Shuttle’s Grand Finale

Contemporary Events

1994, Kim Jong-il Began to Assume Supreme Leadership of North Korea: This marked a significant transition in North Korea’s political history.

Wikipedia: Kim Jong Il

1997, NATO Invited Three Eastern European Countries: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic were invited to join, signaling a significant post-Cold War shift.

Wikipedia: Enlargement of NATO

2014, Israel Launches Operation Protective Edge: This operation marked a significant escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Wikipedia: 2014 Gaza War

2018, Rescuers in Thailand Successfully Extract a Youth Soccer Team: This international effort to save a trapped soccer team underscored the spirit of global cooperation and resilience.

Wikipedia: Tham Luang Cave Rescue


This day in history, July 8th, pulsates with a rich array of events, from historical turning points to human achievement. By understanding these, we deepen our knowledge of the past and our place within it.

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