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This Day in History: A Detailed Glimpse of July 3rd

On any given day, the world is a theatre of events. Some occurrences pass, while others, like the intricate stitches of a grand tapestry, secure their place in the annals of history. Today, we delve into the intriguing narrative of “this day in history,” namely July 3rd, unraveling thirteen prominent events that have shaped the course of our collective past.

The Revolutionary Wars

1775, George Washington Takes Command: On this day in history, George Washington assumed command of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. His leadership skills, military expertise, and commitment to the cause were instrumental in guiding the colonies to victory against Britain.

The Library of Congress: George Washington’s Commission as Commander in Chief

1863, Battle of Gettysburg: The turning point in the American Civil War. The Union forces, led by General George Meade, successfully repelled the Confederate army led by General Robert E. Lee. This battle marked the beginning of the end for the Confederacy.

Wikipedia: Battle of Gettysburg

In the Realm of Science and Exploration

1890, Idaho Joins the Union: The United States expanded further westward, with Idaho becoming the 43rd state. Its rich mineral resources, particularly silver, were key in attracting settlers.

Library of Congress: Territories to Statehood, the Northern West

1962, French Astronomer Discovers Mars’ Moons: Audouin Dollfus, using a ground-based telescope, discovered Deimos and Phobos, Mars’ two moons, marking a significant step in astronomical exploration.

NASA: Mars Chronology: Renaissance to the Space Age

Advancements in Aviation

1988, United States Navy Shoots Down Iran Air Flight 655: Tragically, this day in history also carries the weight of human error. Mistaken for a hostile Iranian fighter jet, Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down by the USS Vincennes, losing 290 lives.

Wikipedia: Iran Air Flight 655

1996, Boris Yeltsin’s Inaugural Flight on the Russian Presidential Aircraft: On July 3rd, Boris Yeltsin, then the Russian president, flew for the first time on the Ilyushin Il-96-300PU, which has since served as Russia’s presidential aircraft.

Wikipedia: Russian Presidential Aircraft

Landmarks in Sports and Culture

1985, Release of ‘Back to the Future’: The iconic film franchise took flight with its first installment, which became a pop-culture phenomenon and continues to be beloved by many.

Wikipedia: Back to the Future

Contemporary Global Events

2013, Egypt’s Second Revolution: President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the military following widespread protests, marking another turbulent chapter in Egypt’s quest for democratic governance.

Wikipedia: June 2013 Egyptian Protests

2016, Ataturk Airport Attack: Terrorists launched a deadly assault on one of Europe’s busiest airports, resulting in 45 deaths and over 230 injuries.

Wikipedia: 2016 Atatürk Airport Attack

2019, Europe’s Heatwave: As a stark reminder of climate change, this day in history saw France endure its hottest day, with temperatures soaring to 45.9 degrees Celsius.

Wikipedia: 2019 European Heat Waves

2020, COVID-19 Global Impact: The World Health Organization announced that over 10 million people worldwide had contracted the novel coronavirus, highlighting the scale and severity of the pandemic.

World Health Organization: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Mass Gatherings

2021, Canada Discovers Unmarked Graves: In a chilling chapter of North America’s history, the Cowessess First Nation announced the discovery of 751 unmarked graves near a former residential school in Saskatchewan.

The New York Times: With Discovery of Unmarked Graves, Canada’s Indigenous Seek Reckoning


This detailed study of July 3rd demonstrates how this day in history has been a stage for diverse, transformative events – from wars and political revolutions to scientific advancements and cultural landmarks. As we continue our journey into the future, may we draw lessons from the past, gain wisdom, and cultivate a keen understanding of our shared global history.

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