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Shruti: From Tea Seller’s Daughter to Judge

Hard work may not necessarily promise success, but success is impossible without working hard. Success requires firm determination and sacrifice. Shruti, born to Surinder Kumar, is a resident of Nakodar, a small town in the Jalandhar district of Punjab.

To Shruti’s credit, she was an outstanding student in her school. She studied law at Guru Nanak Dev University in Jalandhar and pursued a Master of Law (LL.M) degree from Punjab University in Patiala. Her father, Surinder Kumar, is a tea seller and, throughout his life, has been serving tea to the officials and people at the complex of a sub-district magistrate in Nakodar.

A 23-year-old Shruti passed the Civil Services (Judicial) Exam of Punjab in her maiden attempt. Not only did she clear the examination, but she also stood first in the SC category. Shruti would now be undergoing training at the Judicial Academy, and after one year, she would adorn the coveted post of a judge and pronounce judgments bringing justice in this world.

A young Shruti had to face numerous challenges and hardships in her life. She belonged to a low-middle-class family. Her uncle Teerth Ram was the main guiding force behind her success and always motivated Shruti to study hard. Surinder Kumar, her father, had to take loans to let her daughter continue her studies and pursue her dreams. He skipped several meals daily to let her daughter eat and sleep peacefully. Surinder ensured her daughter never felt a shortage of books required to ace the competitive exam. After maturing from a state public school, Shruti decided to pursue law and associate herself with the legal profession. She wanted to end her father’s constant troubles and problems, so she worked and toiled hard with each passing day.

As a tea seller on the court premises, Surinder Kumar always dreamt of his daughter studying law. He would consult the lawyers in the court about how her daughter should proceed in her studies. Few people called him a lunatic, but he did not mind all the insults. Instead, it boosted his confidence and helped him motivate her daughter in her tireless efforts.

The Punjab Government and Rajya Sabha MP Avnish Rai Khanna awarded Shruti for her success and termed her achievement an honor for Punjab. Undoubtedly, Shruti has risen above all barriers of the financial crisis and shown the world that even poverty cannot stop anyone from achieving life’s toughest goals. A proud and happy Surinder Kumar is elated about her daughter’s success and knows what it means.

An Indian parent has always been the epitome of strength for their children. They aspire that their child should reach tinsel town one day, and in this course, they undergo toilsome pursuit to secure their child’s future. By clearing such a difficult exam and adorning such a dignified post of a Judge, she is a symbol of hope and motivation to all those who consider poverty a hindrance. Her life teaches us that when there is a will to achieve something, no matter how difficult the situation may be, there will always be a way to accomplish it with sheer determination.

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