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From the Past to the Present: This Day in History July 20th

Welcome to our compelling exploration of July 20th, a day rich in historical significance. As we delve into this day in history, we’ll embark on an exciting journey spanning centuries, cultures, and continents. Join us as we relive major events that left indelible marks on our collective past and continue to shape our present.

A Walk Through Time

Prepare to time travel as we revisit notable occurrences from July 20th throughout history.

1304 – Fall of Stirling Castle: The last stronghold in the Scottish War of Independence succumbed to King Edward I of England.

Wikipedia: Sieges of Stirling Castle

1591 – Astronomer Johannes Kepler’s Discovery: Kepler discovered the geometrical regularities of planetary motion, shaping modern astronomy.

Wikipedia: Johannes Kepler

1807 – Treaty of Tilsit Ends: This marked the end of the war between Napoleon and Alexander I of Russia, reshaping the map of Europe.

Wikipedia: Treaties of Tilsit

1871 – British Columbia Joins Canada: The province officially became part of the Canadian Confederation, extending Canada’s borders to the Pacific.

The Canadian Encyclopedia: British Columbia and Confederation

1885 – The Football Association Legalizes Professionalism: This decision in England forever changed the football world.

Wikipedia: 1885 in Association Football

1944 – Hitler Survives Assassination Attempt: German Army officers led the failed plot known as Operation Valkyrie.

Wikipedia: 20 July Plot

1951 – King Abdullah I of Jordan Assassinated: The event significantly altered Middle Eastern politics.

Center for Israel Education: Jordan’s King Abdullah Assassinated

1969 – Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon.

NASA: One Giant Leap For Mankind

1974 – Turkish Invasion of Cyprus: The conflict left lasting geopolitical scars and Cyprus divided.

Republic of Cyprus: Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation

1976 – Viking 1 Lands on Mars: The successful landing marked a significant milestone in space exploration.

Wikipedia: Viking 1

1982 – Hyde Park and Regent’s Park Bombings: The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) detonated two bombs during military ceremonies in London.

BBC: Families of Hyde Park and Regent’s Park Bombings Still Seek Justice

1999 – Falun Gong is Banned in China: The spiritual group was declared a “heretical organization”.

Daily News: Why China Fears the Falun Gong

2003 – Members of the Indonesian Jemaah Islamiyah are Convicted: The convictions related to the Bali nightclub bombings of 2002.

JSTOR: The State of Jemaah Islamiya

2012 – Aurora Movie Theater Shooting: The tragic mass shooting occurred during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Wikipedia: 2012 Aurora, Colorado Shooting

2015 – Cuba and the United States Restore Diplomatic Relations: This marked a significant step towards normalizing ties after decades of hostility.

The Washington Post: Cuba and the U.S. Quietly Restore Full Diplomatic Ties after 5 Decades


As we conclude our exploration of this day in history, the echoes of July 20th reverberate through the ages, reminding us how past events continuously shape our present. May this voyage through time inspire you to delve deeper into the fascinating realm of history.

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